Interior design in Workshop

Oscar Vidal’s interior design studio is located in a restored old workshop building. One of the main premises was keeping most of the building original elements. It was originally a ground-floor construction built in the 30s and lately used as a mechanic workshop. So the ground-floor was fully kept, adding a first new floor as a living flat.

When creating the design studio, the stone and brick facade so as its old wooden main doors, were mantained unrestored. In order to contrast with such original old elements, the new entrance was considered as an independent item, conceived with pure and clear lines and made of glass and steel plate.

The interior space is divided into two rooms, perfeclty contrasted: the first one painted in black and used as a show-room and the second one painted in white and destinated to work place. Both of them were consciously solved in an austere way, painting in black the unhidden structure and pipelines. The essentialist lighting is based on simple bulbs suspended in nothingness while the floor is made of smoothed concrete. The beams left from the building restoration have been reused as an original platform for temporary exibitions. At the same time, the front windows have become into the working area doors.

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