What I really love of my job is understanding how the space works. Designing any premises: housing, shops, pubs for instance, means studying how we use the space. My goal is go further on with new projects, facing new troubles knowing better the job from design to building.

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Creative Pigsty

Interior design in Creative Pigsty

The commissioning of this unique room came from the agency of communication Imaginarte. They wanted a space for teamwork, brainstorming and creative sessions to  remove barriers to communication that was shocking and would serve to awaken the imagination, relax and amaze clients and visitors.

The Creative pigsty was born of the conviction that by stimulating professional relationships, new solutions may emerge, beyond those contemplated by companies up to that moment and not merely in the field of communication, but also for other areas.  For this reason it is open to both the agency’s own staff and to teams working for other companies.

Surrounded by the relaxed decoration, inspired by porky glamour, those visiting the pigsty can take part in group discussions, experience workshops, product presentations, the screenings for publicity festivals or especially dedicated seminars.

The space is hidden behind a big pig nose that opens automatically and in order to achieve this atmosphere, since it was a small space and intimate, isolated from the rest of the office I thought of a combination between the retro-futuristic aesthetic of the spacecraft and the 70’s clubs. Some of the main references were Verner Panton interiors and Syd Mead futuristic designs.

To give a funny touch of surrealism we have added a pork aesthetics reflected in the pig nose entrance and lamps, the ham upholstry texture for the sofa.

This only elements and would be a large sofa and a red carpet. The atmosphere is finished by the indirect colour ligh. The host of this unique space is a pink pig, a symbol of universality and tradition.



18 February, 2019