What I really love of my job is understanding how the space works. Designing any premises: housing, shops, pubs for instance, means studying how we use the space. My goal is go further on with new projects, facing new troubles knowing better the job from design to building.

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The Arches


Located inside the Hotel Gold Arcos in Benidorm, with a very contemporary aesthetic, the aim was to create a space more cosy and with a slight British style. The space is the hotel’s Cafeteria and Bar.
The most defining elements of the style of the premises are the dark colour of the carpentry and paint of the premises contrasted with the ceilings. The bar is obviously the most attractive point with a background of backlit marble texture.
Some lamps were manufactured expressly for the project of a very large size so that they were visible from the outside as an attraction. The furniture is upholstered in pink velvet to match the curtains. Since the space is eminently recreational, a RGB lighting system was installed to provide it with greater dynamism.


25 October, 2022