What I really love of my job is understanding how the space works. Designing any premises: housing, shops, pubs for instance, means studying how we use the space. My goal is go further on with new projects, facing new troubles knowing better the job from design to building.

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Singular Glass


Singular Glass has become into a reference company in the glazing and metal carpentry / metalwork business, specialized in the hotel sector and unique projects.

The project was located in the firm’s new commercial ship which included the administrative office as well as a showroom displaying the wide range of applications offered by the company. The installation was intended to have an impact and show all the potential uses of glass, honoring its motto “the value of transparency”. 

So the office core was conceived as a space inside a bigger one, enabling the visitor to get a full view of the whole room. To this effect we built glass partitions with no metal joinery and used floor-to-ceiling swing doors incorporating locks in handles. The generous brightness in the whole room is enhanced by the natural shades in wood and pavement and the white-spread paintwork. 

We find a huge linear LED light lamp as the space main structuring element which connects the different areas through touring room after room creating a continuum by curving up and down.



17 March, 2022