What I really love of my job is understanding how the space works. Designing any premises: housing, shops, pubs for instance, means studying how we use the space. My goal is go further on with new projects, facing new troubles knowing better the job from design to building.

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Ozone Benidorm


The Benidorm bowling Centre was a pioneer in its time, founded in 1974 by Mr. Antonio Quereda, it was the first bowling centre with approved automatic machines in Spain. It also marked the origin of the business group that would lead to the current Ozone leisure centre chain.
The centre needed a little restructuring and an adaptation to the contemporary aesthetics of the group. The main features of the decoration are the personalised carpet, labelled veneer flooring, wood and expanded veneer furniture and counters, and the characteristic “dripping” paint effect.
A particular feature of this venue is the treatment of the ceiling. Since the space is located in a basement and the height was not excessive, it was decided to demolish the false ceiling and directly treat the floor with a mortar spray. This effect, apart from gaining height, gives it a more attractive industrial character.
A digital LED light system that creates dynamic light and colour effects was also incorporated into the access and the façade.



25 October, 2022