What I really love of my job is understanding how the space works. Designing any premises: housing, shops, pubs for instance, means studying how we use the space. My goal is go further on with new projects, facing new troubles knowing better the job from design to building.

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Karting Salou


Salou karting is one of those historic entertainment businesses that developed along the
Mediterranean coast in the heat of European tourism.
Apart from the track itself, there was an interior space with the ticket office, a point of sale and somevirtual games. This space was built by a light metallic structure covered by an awning. The challenge of the refurbishing was respecting that construction that was legally consolidated and providing it with a higher category that will raise its presence and the benefits of its interior. A new bar wasneeded to offer drinks and some food to the karting customer.
The strategy was set, creating a shell of perforated sheet metal that would wrap around the existing construction. This envelope unfolds in a sinuous manner, gathering the main volume together with the small toilettes annex. The door openings are left with curved corners so that the sheet metal flows throughout the façade without corners. The interior is covered by a new canvas decorated with a pattern of camouflage-like dots that is repeated on the walls. RGB lighting gives colour to the space and the magic and playful character that was necessary. The presence of light signs set the definitive style of the design.


25 October, 2022